Stanford magazine showcases the summer plans of 10 students

Sharon Wulforich
Sharon Wulfovich, ’17

Ah, summer vacation. Three months for new adventures, internships and geographies; money-making opportunities and chances to simply play it cool. Stanford magazine’s Sam Scott asked around to learn how 10 Stanford students are spending their summers. Their responses could make a working stiff green with envy.

SHARON WULFOVICH, ’17, undeclared: Wulfovich is spending the summer on a pair of trips tied to her culture and religion. First, she’ll visit Israel with members of Hillel at Stanford. Then it’s on to Poland, a trip sponsored by the country’s government, where she’ll learn how country and society moved on from the Holocaust. It will be a study in contrasts, she says, going from the Jewish homeland to a place where much of her family was exterminated. At Auschwitz II, she’ll pay respects at barrack No. 9, where her grandfather endured the horrors of the Nazi death camp. “It’s very important to see what he went through and understand,” she says.

ISABEL ARJMAND, ’16, management science and engineering: Next year, she may take a resume-buffing research position. But after much debate, she decided this was the moment for a road less traveled. In July, Arjmand will embark on a two-day journey to the island nation of Mauritius, 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa, where she will teach English. For someone interested in education, it gives her the chance to lead a classroom. Of course, she could have done that closer to home—or in China, where she also had a teaching opportunity. But she can imagine visiting China later in life, she says. Living with a family on an island in the Indian Ocean? Not so much. “I feel like this was the summer to try something different.”

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