From ‘Stanford’ magazine: These are a few of my favorite things

JACK TAKAHASHI brought his parents’ LP collection to his room in the Eucalypto dorm. His roommate, JOSHUA DESON, has a shelf full of perfumes, from which he chooses a scent to fit his mood for the day. 

In Larkin, KEEP NATHANSON has a piece of memorabilia from the Wheel of Fortune game show, and CLEO CHUNG keeps a bouquet of plastic sunflowers to cheer her up.

In his dorm kitchen in Cardenal, THOMAS BLACKWOOD makes late-night comfort food on a comal, a special type of cast-iron griddle that his grandmother sent him to college with.

Ujamaa resident MUSILA MUNUVE has a Kenyan flag and a map of pre-colonial Africa to remind him of home. ADORIE HOWARD, also a resident of “Uj,” has her guitar, handmade cards, a stuffed animal and some favorite photographs.

NATALIE MARQUES keeps a collage that her mother made for her that contains the words “Good Enough,” a reminder intended to temper the freshman’s perfectionist tendencies.

The eight frosh and their favorite things are featured in an online story written by DANIA MARINSHAW on the Stanford magazine website. All photos by TAMER SHABANI