The Tree visits ESPN to film a Sports Center commercial

Stanford Tree CALVIN STUDEBAKER, a junior computer science major, recently traveled to the ESPN offices in Connecticut to film a commercial for SportsCenter. Traveling with Studebaker was RACHEL AUMANN, assistant dean in the Student Life Office and adviser for the Stanford Band.

Aumann said ESPN swore her and Studebaker to secrecy on the theme and content of the commercial, as well as its air date. However, Aumann acknowledged, “I think it is hysterical.”

Aumann said the trip to Connecticut was a whirlwind for both her and the Tree. The ESPN cafeteria, however, more than made up for the red-eye flight, the two-and-a-half hour shoot and the tight travel deadlines. “It has a full dessert bar,” Aumann said.

This isn’t the first time the Tree, which is the official mascot of the Stanford Band and the unofficial mascot of the rest of us, has been featured on an ESPN commercial.

Several years ago, then-Tree JONATHAN STRANGE starred in a very humorous commercial with baseball star JASON HEYWARD. Strange’s role called for him to fall over after listening to Heyward explain in excruciating and painful detail how wooden bats are made from trees.