‘Philosophy Talk’ wins gold

"Philosophy Talk" co-hosts John Perry and Ken Taylor

Philosophy Talk, the radio show hosted by two Stanford professors, was a Gold Radio winner in the Social Issues category at this year’s New York Festivals International Radio Programs and Promotions Competition.

Hosted by philosophy Professor KEN TAYLOR and Professor Emeritus JOHN PERRY, the program has been on the air for 10 years. Nationally syndicated, Philosophy Talk airs on more than 100 public radio stations around the country. Each segment features a guest, and episodes have covered topics ranging from Aristotle and gay rights to bioethics and the value of studying Proust.

The New York Festivals’ World’s Best Radio Programs honors radio programming and promotions in all lengths and formats from radio stations, networks and independent producers around the globe.

'Philosophy Talk' producer Ben Manilla accepts a Gold Radio award from the New York Festivals International Radio Competition. (Photo: ©Roxxe Ireland; Marc Bryan-Brown)

BEN MANILLA, who has been producing the show since it launched, attended the awards gala on June 17 in New York City and said it was “an honor to accept the Gold on behalf of Stanford University, Ken and John, and the rest of the team.”
All entries were judged online by the New York Festivals Radio Programs and Promotions Awards Grand Jury, which comprised an international group of radio experts. Entries were judged on a variety of criteria, from social significance to production values.

Entries were submitted from more than 35 countries.

Perry said the award was particularly satisfying “because we have succeeded in the face of great skepticism. Contrary to the expectations of many, it turns out people do enjoy listening to philosophy. Stations carry the program. And we even win prizes.”

Taylor said, “After 10 years of doing this, it’s certainly rewarding to have some validation. But really, we’re just warming up.”

Beyond the radio broadcast, Taylor noted that the program is developing new ways to foster interaction with the audience, including the online Community of Thinkers, which is scheduled to launch July 1. The forum will offer fans a number of ways to interact with each other, guest bloggers and the show personnel.

“A year from now,” added Taylor, “we hope people think of Philosophy Talk as not just the most intellectually stimulating radio show around but as a multi-platform cornucopia of thought.”

—CORRIE GOLDMAN, the Humanities at Stanford