Former Stanford football player stops runaway bus

Apparently, Newark Mayor CORY BOOKER is not the only Stanford alum and former football player given to heroic acts.

FRANK PRIMUS, who graduated from Stanford in 1999 and is currently a surgical resident at the University of California-San Francisco, “cooly and decisively” stopped a city bus Thursday, June 20, according to the SF Weekly. When the driver of the bus Primus was riding in became incapacitated, the bus hit and began dragging a passenger car and was headed into four lanes of traffic. Primus got out of his seat and put the bus brakes on.

A KTVU report does not mention Primus’ Stanford affiliation, but it does include an on-air interview with him.

“At the time you don’t think about it; you just do it. I’m glad I did something,” said Primus, who also was featured on ABC7 and in the Huffington Post.