Still popular after all these years: HumBio turns 40

The Program in Human Biology, which was a pioneer in interdisciplinary studies, celebrates its 40th anniversary this fall. According to a story in the September/October issue of Stanford magazine, it is the largest undergraduate major.

“Smiles expand on the faces of Professor CAROL BOGGS, the program director, and KATHERINE PRESTON, associate director, when they note that after four decades, the HumBio family now encompasses some second-generation students. Senior exit surveys indicate that about 45 percent of human biology majors plan to go on for a medical degree and more than half into some area of medicine. But that doesn’t seem to be what generates word-of-mouth about the program. Undergrads who are searching for a long-term academic relationship hear a buzz about a place where a bit of magic happens: Intellectual discovery becomes linked with self-discovery.”

Read the full story on the alumni magazine’s website. You also can watch this video titled “How I became a HumBio major” on YouTube.