Cary and Graeme Hoste include Haas Center program on their wedding wish list

As part of the gift registry for their wedding last summer, Cary (Robbins) Hoste ’09; MA’10 and Graeme Hoste ’08 gave their guests the option of donating to Stanford College Prep (SCP), a program at the Haas Center for Public Service that works with local youth in their pursuit of higher education.

“SCP students will be the first in their families to attend college, and their tenacity, intellect, and good humor are inspiring,” the couple wrote in the summer issue of Commons, the Haas Center’s quarterly magazine.

“We volunteered with SCP throughout our years at Stanford. We are impressed by SCP’s positive support of the students, their academic success, and their dreams of college, and we were so happy to have this opportunity to give back.”

Initially, the Hostes weren’t sure how their unusual registry suggestion would go over with their wedding guests, but were touched by the response.

“We heard again and again from friends and family how meaningful it was for them to give to SCP, and their support of the program that has meant so much to us was one of the best wedding gifts we could have received.”