Condoleezza Rice shows off her acting chops on ’30 Rock’

We always knew that  CONDOLEEZZA RICE is a heck of a classical pianist.  But what was not clear until Thursday night was whether her impeccable timing on the ivories extended to her comic acting. But in a cameo on the April 28 episode of NBC’s 30 Rock, the former secretary of state showed she had a flair for scene stealing on the small screen.

Rice made an appearance as herself as the girlfriend of Jack Donaghy, played by ALEC BALDWIN. In the scene, Rice challenges Baldwin’s character to a musical duel.  (According to New York Times chief music critic, Anthony Tommasini, the pieces she played were all Mozart.)

If things don’t work out in her day job as a Hoover fellow,  professor of political science and business, a new career may be in the offing.