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Resident assisants at Trancos
Resident assistants at Trancos

Student staff members in the freshman residences put a lot of thought into the dorm themes that characterize the activities and decorations of move-in day. After all, your residence may be the best, but does it have the best theme? The Dish takes a look at some of this year’s residence hall themes.

Cartoon characters and nostalgic kids’ shows and books remain a favorite, with Cedrograts, ChriSotopher Robin, JRo (Junipero) the Places You’ll Go (by Dr. Seuss), Mighty Morphin Power Twaingers and Larkalvin and Hobbes.

Some themes lend themselves to wild environments. Each floor of DiscoveRinc Channel, for instance, reflects a show on the Discovery Channel. The decorations are designed to give each floor a unique feel. “The Deadliest Catch” floor has paper fish and lobsters caught in real nets, and streamer “vines” drape the ceiling of the “Man vs. Wild” floor.

There was a bit of tension between Donner and Rinconada, which apparently came up with its theme after hearing about Donner’s Planet Donnearth. Perhaps this will lead to a rivalry?

Tic Tac Flo is the name of the three Structured Liberal Education dorms in East Florence Moore. This year, all the residences were named after board games: JumanjAlondra, Cluedenal and Faisanopoly.

Lagunita tended toward theater, with The Wizard of Uj and SpamaLag. The name tags on room doors are converted playbills. In Ujamaa, there is a terrific rendering of Michael Jackson as the scarecrow from the 1978 movie adaptation of The Wiz.

FroSoCosmopolitan was designed to encompass different parts of the globe. Different floors represent different metropolises, and the catwalk connecting Adams and Schiff looks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some of the most impressive decorations (and YouTube video) were found at “Pirates of the CaRoblean,” where staff members constructed a pirate ship out of a shopping cart and a massive Kraken out of trash bags.

The Dish’s nominations for the best themes this year:

Best Decorations:
DiscoveRinc Channel

Honorable Mention:
PixSerra Animation

Most Obscure:
The Big Burbank Theory

YOkada Tube

Most Classic:
Lorock and Roll

Best Pun:
Mighty Morphin Power Twaingers

Most Creative Use of Quotes:
Gavilanimal Farm, “I will work harder!”

Best Theme:
Larkalvin and Hobbes

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