Storen and Castro reach the big leagues. Who is next?

Drew Storen
Drew Storen

Major League Baseball has another month left in its schedule. But Minor League Baseball has concluded, and Stanford Athletics reports that a majority of Stanford’s 34 professional players have entered their off season.

Among the former Cardinal stars who made their big league debuts this year were DREW STOREN, reliever for the Washington Nationals, and JASON CASTRO, catcher for the Houston Astros.

Storen spent just 41 games in the minors before being called up. Castro was called up to the Astros in June. As a result, Stanford Athletics says Stanford has boasted 86 Major League Baseball players since 1904.

Among the fan favorites is current Boston Red Sox infielder JED LOWRIE. Lowrie was on the 60-day disabled list, but returned to the Sox on July 21.

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