ASSU asks campus to support Pakistan relief fund

assu_logo_small revASSU President ANGELINA CARDONA, ASSU Vice President KELSEI WHARTON and ASFANDYAR MIR, director of flood relief effort, have emailed members of the campus community, asking everyone to support a Pakistan flood relief effort. We share their message below:

Dear Stanford,

As many of you have heard, Pakistan was hit by torrential flooding a few weeks ago. The flooding has continued ever since, and it has devastated the life and livelihood of 20 million people, according to an estimate of the UN. Stories, visuals and reports coming out of the flood hit zone are heart wrenching, but even they do not do a very good job portraying the enormity of the unfolding tragedy. The scale and sheer size of the disaster is overwhelmingly huge, with aid workers describing the flood’s impact as worse than the 2004 South East Asian Tsunami and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake combined.

This is an opportunity for us to come together. We are launching the ‘Pakistan Flood Relief Effort’ campaign to rally support and raise funds for this mammoth catastrophe. We have partnered with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and all funds raised will go to this organization to aid Pakistan flood victims.

The campaign is online and you can start contributing now. We are asking students to donate just $5. We will be matching the first $500 of funds raised from our executive salary. Students, members of the faculty, employees, alumni and friends of the Stanford community, please support the flood-affected people of Pakistan. Visit the relief effort website.

Our university has always shown extraordinary commitment to humanitarian issues. This once again is one such humanitarian disaster, albeit more devastating than any other in recent history. It calls for action, and we can help the 20 million affected in Pakistan.


Angelina Cardona, Kelsei Wharton and Asfandyar Mir
ASSU President, Vice President, Director Flood Relief Effort