Heard on campus: Charlie Rose’s court challenges

Charile Rose
Charlie Rose

“I’m thrilled to be here because of  JOHNNY DAWKINS, your great basketball coach, and if  [men’s basketball Coach Mike] Krzyzewski retires at Duke, we’re coming after him, I’m just telling you right now,” warned venerable interviewer Charlie Rose, a Duke alum, as he introduced the Stanford Roundtable at Maples Pavilion Saturday morning.

Dawkins spent more than a decade on the Blue Devils’ coaching staff before coming to Stanford. At a Faculty Club meet-and-greet a few weeks ago, he said, “I’ve been the luckiest man in the world to work at the two places I’ve worked.”

On Saturday, Rose also relayed a story about an exchange he had with the late Chief Justice WILLIAM REHNQUIST, whom he described as “a wonderful Stanford alumnus who I got to know.” Rose recalled that he and the  Chief Justice were doing an interview and started talking about the NCAA basketball tournament. “He said to me, ‘I’ll bet you that Stanford will outlast Duke in the Final Four.'” Rose said he took Rehnquist up on his five dollar bet, which the chief justice ultimately lost. “It turned out that Duke actually lasted longer than Stanford in the Final Four, but I was not going to remind the chief justice of the United States that I won the bet. Lo and behold, there comes in the mail a letter from the chief justice and a five dollar bill saying ‘You won, wait till the next time.'”

Photo Credit: L.A. Cicero