Stanford’s Facebook page inspires poetry

Fans of Stanford’s Facebook page were invited to answer the question “What was the best book you read this summer?” and asked to submit a short poem or haiku on their favorite summer book. ANDREA LUNSFORD, professor of English and director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, judged the contest. Among the more than 80 entries, she chose her three favorites and a couple of honorable mentions. The winners, who included alums CARA HOLMAN, ’78, MS ’81, and CECILIA TOM, ’93, AM ’94, each received a signed copy of a book by author and medical Professor ABRAHAM VERGHESE, who also was one of the authors who participated in this year’s “Three Books” program.

Tom wrote:

Gaiman’s Neverwhere
Puts me neither here nor there.
Summer, transcended….

Holman’s entry:

On Pride & Prejudice:
Her pride offended
His manners haughty and proud
An age-old story

Travis Plummer wrote:

Read Murakami’s
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Curled up in a well