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Stanford’s Robot Makers: Oussama Khatib

Oussama Khatib is a professor of computer science at Stanford University and leads the Robotics Lab. His projects have included cooperative robots, Romeo and Juliet, and the diving robot, OceanOne. He is also interested in autonomous robots, human-friendly robotics, haptics – bringing the sense of touch to robotics – and virtual and augmented reality research. This Q&A is one of five featuring Stanford faculty who work on robots as part of the project Stanford’s Robotics Legacy.

Students explore the complexities of creating energy

Students who joined the Sophomore College course Water and Power in the Pacific Northwest: The Columbia River traveled to the Columbia River valley to understand the interplay between water, energy and human populations.

Swirling liquids shed light on how bitcoin works

The physics involved with stirring a liquid operate the same way as the mathematical functions that secure digital information. This parallel could help in developing even more secure ways of protecting digital information.

Orbitz data breach

The travel agency Orbitz has announced that a security breach of its systems discovered on March 1 has affected about 800 Stanford employees.

Finding solutions for people with autism and their families

Recent advances by scientists, clinicians, educators and engineers are speeding developments in diagnosing and treating autism, understanding its root causes and helping people with autism and their families live full lives.

Students learn to make delivery drones

In a reimagining of an already popular course, students fly prototypes of drone delivery systems on quadcopters and design winged drones for long-range flights.

Stanford Solar Car Project team to compete in Australia

A solar car named Sundae developed by Stanford students is about to race more than 1,800 miles across the Australian Outback, testing the limits of cutting-edge technologies and undergraduate ingenuity.