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Why ‘Find your passion!’ may be bad advice

The belief that interests arrive fully formed and must simply be “found” can lead people to limit their pursuit of new fields and give up when they encounter challenges, according to a new Stanford study.

Engineering design course reaches its 50th year

Over the last half-century, students in the ME310 course have produced hundreds of prototypes for cameras, makeup, cars and much more. Combined with international teams, they design and develop new products while learning from reality.

Students confront the messiness of data

The Stanford Data Challenge Lab class meets every day and requires nearly 100 homework assignments. But innovative instruction has students clamoring to take the class, which teaches professional-level data skills.

Studying aquatic ecosystems

Sophomore biology major Laura Anderson discusses researching aquatic life at the Hopkins Marine Station, and what it’s like to have the ocean as her classroom.

Knowing past course data affects college students’ GPA

Undergraduate students who used a course information platform to learn about the performance of previous students in classes at their university earned slightly lower grades, according to new Stanford research.

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EAST House: Exploring education and society

Undergraduates in Stanford’s EAST (Education and Society Theme) House view pressing social issues through the lens of education as a tool for changing the culture.