Social Sciences

Toolkits help tackle real-world problems

A lab in the Psychology Department at Stanford has created a set of free toolkits to help people resolve complicated issues, including resources to help people deal with disagreements.

Graduate School of Business —

Tackling real-world problems with the poorest of the poor

At this year's Design for Extreme Affordability expo, students including Julia Osterman present their team projects aimed at fixing real-world problems for the poorest of the poor.

How Iraqis used rumors as resistance against Saddam’s regime

Using documents in the Hoover Institution archives, Stanford political scientist Lisa Blaydes examined life in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, including how Iraqi citizens found creative ways to resist the Baath Party’s authoritarian regime.

Poll shows consensus for climate policy remains strong

A new study shows that Americans overwhelmingly want a reduction in global warming and support renewable energy development. But according to the data, Americans don’t realize how many people share their beliefs.

How emotions may result in hiring, workplace bias

Stanford study suggests that the emotions American employers are looking for in job candidates may not match up with emotions valued by jobseekers from some cultural backgrounds – potentially leading to hiring bias.

Student politician goes cross-country

ASSU Senator Matthew Wigler, ’19, is taking a road trip this summer to America's swing districts to learn about the voters who reject partisanship in a time of great political polarization.