Social Sciences

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Unprecedented school closures? Not entirely

Stanford education scholar Michael Hines looks back at an experiment in remote learning during a polio outbreak in Chicago in the 1930s.

Why people didn’t social distance

The Stanford-led study found the most common reasons people did not follow social distancing recommendations were work requirements, mental and physical health concerns and beliefs that other precautions were enough.

Stanford crowdsources county-level COVID-19 policy data

By asking volunteers across the country to describe local shelter-in-place policies, computer scientists hope to provide the up-to-date information epidemiologists will need to advise government officials on when and how to start easing restrictions and allow Americans to resume daily life.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Economists to Congress: Don’t bail out big business

An open letter drafted by Stanford professors says the coronavirus stimulus package should benefit workers — not corporations and their wealthy shareholders.