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Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Why some big corporations must split up to survive

For large corporations, the decision to split often reflects a process similar to biological adaptation and the evolution of new species, argues GSB Professor Robert Burgelman.

New research details pandemic’s impact on U.S. school districts

Researchers including Sean Reardon of the Graduate School of Education have produced an unprecedented map of trends in learning loss, combining local and national test score data to reveal patterns that vary from one school district to the next.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Pulling back from polarization

The political divide seems wider than ever. How citizens, leaders, and organizations can begin to bridge the gap.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Winning a Grammy helps musicians keep their creative edge

A study that looked at how a Grammy affects artists’ creativity found that bands get more daring and unique after winning the award, while nominees who don’t win become more mainstream.