Social Sciences

Lab explores universal basic income

Stanford philosopher Juliana Bidadanure is leading an initiative focused on fostering discussions about universal basic income and analyzing previous and ongoing unconditional cash experiments across the world.

The problems with philanthropy

Stanford scholar Rob Reich looks at the laws and policies that structure charitable giving in America today. He finds that these policies favor the interests of wealthy individuals rather than those in need.

Virtual reality aids in environmental education

Stanford researchers took a virtual reality experience into a variety of educational settings, including high school classrooms, to test the impact on awareness and understanding of ocean acidification.

The case for mandatory voting

Elections play a distinctive role for strengthening democracy and voting is a pivotal part of that process, said Stanford political science scholar Emilee Chapman, who in a new paper makes the case for universal participation through mandatory voting.

Reflections on the California wildfires

The 2018 fire season in California gave Stanford experts much to think about, including how the state can develop better policies for preventing fires and new research to better understand the long-term effects of breathing smoky air.

Graduate School of Business —

The surprising power of small data

Corporate wellness programs need more focus, not more lab tests. Several studies have found that such programs can end up costing more money than they save.