Social Sciences

Algorithms reveal changes in stereotypes

New Stanford research shows that, over the past century, linguistic changes in gender and ethnic stereotypes correlated with major social movements and demographic changes in the U.S. Census data.

Ba’ath Party archives reveal brutality of Saddam Hussein’s rule

A comprehensive archive documenting Saddam Hussein’s rule reveals the inner workings of brutal authoritarian rule, and it is helping both scholars and government representatives better understand the full scope of the coercive measures the regime used.

Highways erected roadblocks to opportunity

A Stanford political scientist shows how the American highway system has created affluent Republican suburbs, increased an urban-suburban political divide and led to reduced investment in urban infrastructure.

U.S. deterrence to play key role in upcoming North Korea talks

Military historian Victor Davis Hanson said the upcoming negotiations with North Korea reflect U.S. efforts to focus on deterrence and China’s view that Pyongyang has created an increasingly unfavorable strategic balance in the region.