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Hoover Institution —

Who holds the purse strings?

The Supreme Court hears arguments today on President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan; John F. Cogan and Michael McConnell discuss their amicus brief opposing it.

Stanford Digital Education —

Digital Medic helps promote vaccines

An approachable avatar is the face of a toolkit that helps community health workers worldwide promote vaccines and counter misinformation.

How will the Russia-Ukraine war end?

As the one-year mark of Russia's February 2022 invasion of Ukraine approaches, Steven Pifer discusses what’s next for Ukraine, Russia, and the West and how the conflict may unfold in the months and even years to come.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How Obamacare has improved farmworkers’ health

A new paper finds the ACA increased preventive care and decreased hospital and ER visits for seasonal farmworkers, a population with some of the worst health outcomes in the U.S.

How will ChatGPT change the way we think and work?

We need to think about the human aspect of using AI in our everyday lives and how it will influence the ways in which we perceive and interact with one another, says communication scholar Jeff Hancock.

Stanford Law School —

Critical thinking

Stanford Law Professor Ralph Richard Banks on AP African American Studies, culture wars, and why academia needs theologians, not priests.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

A low-cost fix for tech’s diversity problem

An online program to accelerate the hiring of women and minorities may be just the catalyst the sector needs.

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies —

Geopolitical flashpoints take center stage

At the Yomiuri International Conference in Tokyo, FSI scholars explored the roles of Taiwan and Ukraine in countering autocratic challenges to democracy.