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Stanford Engineering —

Treating mental health in the context of faith

Rania Awaad, who studies mental health in U.S. Muslim communities, says Islamic approaches offer lessons that can be applied in other religious and spiritual communities.

Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions —

What can be done to improve scholarly exchange with China?

Academics on both sides of the Pacific agree there’s an urgent need for leaders in the two countries to define which topic areas pose national security concerns, and which do not.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Fixing the palm oil problem

Worldwide production of palm oil has climbed steadily for five decades, with devastating environmental consequences. Kelly Redmond, MS ’23, an impact fellow at the Graduate School of Business, is developing a sustainable alternative that has the potential to benefit communities in the regions where it’s produced.

Stanford Digital Education —

Book talks on equity and access

Now in its second season, Academic Innovation for the Public Good explores expanding access to higher education by reimagining the way we teach and learn.

Stanford HAI —

The problem of pediatric data

Medical algorithms trained on adult data may be unreliable for evaluating young patients. But children’s records present complex quandaries for AI, especially around equity and consent.

Why are workers striking now?

Falling wages and unequal earnings distribution are among the reasons workers are striking, says Stanford economics professor.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

An unexpected payoff from trading stocks

An experiment shows that investing – even when unprofitable – can be a lesson in building trust across ideological and political divides.

Stanford Health Policy —

Will cash payments lead to better health?

A novel experiment seeks to quantify the roles housing insecurity and economic instability play in driving health disparities.