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Calculating the health benefits of Medicaid expansion

A controversial arm of the Affordable Care Act reduced strokes, heart disease, and other ailments among older, low-income patients, a new study finds.

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Classroom learning with safety in mind: A pediatrician’s thoughts

Stanford Medicine pediatrician Jason Wang reviewed the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for schools choosing to reopen, analyzing the academy's recommendations to provide a realistic view of the costs involved in sending children back to school safely.

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Many new medical students set sights on research

More than a third of the students starting medical school at Stanford plan to conduct research. The unprecedented number reflects an effort by the school to turn out more physician-scientists.

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The invader

How the new coronavirus penetrates, exploits and kills cells, and how an army of scientists aims to destroy it.

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Race, ethnicity and ancestry in science

Alice Popejoy, a postdoctoral scholar who studies biomedical data sciences, speaks to the role – and pitfalls – of race, ethnicity and ancestry in research.

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Testing at the speed of COVID

Stanford launched its diagnostic when the pandemic had barely begun – but challenges kept on coming.