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Stanford Medicine —

Meet Christopher Lopez

The third-year MD-PhD student and Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe member wants to see greater representation in medicine and better care for Native communities. “That’s the flame under me – that motivation to make a difference.”

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Rooting out systemic racism in maternity care

California has the lowest rate of preventable maternal deaths in the U.S., but it’s still unacceptably high, says Stanford Medicine’s Amanda Williams. “And way too many of these women look like me.”

Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health —

Operating in a conflict zone

Stanford’s International Humanitarian Surgical Skills course has taught hundreds of health care providers how to save lives in settings where resources are scarce.

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The rhythm of life

Quenton Rashawn Bubb is an MD-PhD student pioneering cell therapies for children with leukemia. He’s also an amateur jazz musician. “You’ll never regret knowing how to express yourself,” his parents told him when he was young.

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Steps toward a more just future

At the inaugural Health Equity Symposium, participants tackled aspects of inequity in research, clinical care, education, and policy.

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Alexa, how much insulin do I need today?

An AI app that runs on smart speakers can help patients manage their Type 2 diabetes by telling them the correct insulin dose to take.

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Psychoactive drug treats PTSD

A plant-based psychoactive compound safely led to improvements in depression, anxiety, and functioning among military veterans with traumatic brain injuries.