Researchers probe microbiome-cancer treatment link

Immunotherapy has great promise as a cancer treatment, but current therapies only work in some. Now, Stanford researchers are testing the idea that microorganisms in our guts might be the deciding factor.

Back to school

With a new school year ahead, Stanford research shows how students, teachers and parents can better understand what leads to – or in some instances, undermines – a student's success.

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New ‘don’t eat me’ signal may provide basis for cancer therapies

Cancer cells are known to protect themselves using proteins that tell immune cells not to attack them. Stanford researchers have discovered a new “don’t eat me” signal, and blocking it may make cancer cells vulnerable to attack by the immune system.

Stanford’s resilient researcher

Noel Vest, PhD, hasn’t let his past experiences with addiction and incarceration keep him from a science career. He recently joined Stanford Medicine as a postdoctoral scholar in the Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab, focusing on research and public policy.

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New Stanford Hospital gets temporary certificate of occupancy

The new Stanford Hospital, which is scheduled to open to patients in the fall, has received the go-ahead for Stanford Health Care to begin staffing and stocking the building while minor finishing work is completed.