Campus Life

Our quiet campuses

The Stanford community has been working remotely, practicing social distancing and – now – sheltering in place. The result are two very quiet campuses.

Stanford urges everyone to ‘Say Goodbye to Single Use’

During its annual conservation campaign, Sustainable Stanford is encouraging everyone on campus to “say goodbye” to drinking and dining items designed to be used once and thrown away, such as plastic utensils, and switch to their reusable counterparts.

Stanford offers sunshine during Family Weekend 2020

Thousands of family members visited Stanford for the annual Family Weekend to roam the grounds, sample undergraduate life at Stanford and, most of all, spend time with their students. Andrew Brodhead of University Communications captured some of the moments.

When Stanford’s Lake Lagunita had water

Usually at this time of year, Stanford’s normally dry Lake Lagunita has at least some water from winter storms. But an ongoing drought means the lake is dry. A collection of News Service photographs shows that it wasn’t always like that.