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Course inspires environmental entrepreneurs

Students are seeking solutions to complex climate and sustainability challenges through deep analysis, innovative thinking, and careful collaboration with those most affected.

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Course on trees fostered curiosity

A course with origins in childhood wonder encourages students to think deeply about trees and the ideas they can inspire.

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Stanford Global Studies —

SGS funds four innovative courses that tackle global issues

Course Innovation Awards support the development of new courses that focus on substantive topics of regional or global interest.

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Scenes from Stanford Graduate Summer Institute

Nearly 500 graduate students from across Stanford participated in the Stanford Graduate Summer Institute (SGSI), a week-long collection of accelerated courses that are open to currently enrolled graduate students, free of charge.

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Continuing Studies course ‘Politics 2022: America at a Crossroads’ is open to Stanford students

The course will feature high-profile speakers including Hillary Clinton, Sundar Pichai, and Cory Booker, who will examine the current state of America and its institutions.

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Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

New courses to explore intersections of Earth, climate, society

In its first year, the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability will offer a spectrum of new courses designed to attract enrollment from all corners of campus and to cultivate the deep knowledge needed to foster a sustainable future.

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New Time for Open Enrollment: 9 p.m. on September 1

To better serve students, open enrollment moves to an earlier time this Autumn quarter.

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Kelp forest ecology course trains future underwater scientists

A five-week course tests the mental and physical limitations of six up-and-coming scientific divers as they learn about the ecology and conservation of kelp forest communities through subtidal techniques.

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Stanford leads the way in rethinking life’s stages

As life expectancy increases, Stanford centers and research lead the way in supporting healthy, productive, and purpose-driven lives that may span a century.

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Medical student designs wearable device for kids with cerebral palsy

Stanford medical student Blynn Shideler designed a wearable device to make daily physical therapy more accessible for kids with cerebral palsy.

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