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Stanford Learning Lab winter quarter programs

Today, I indulged in a favorite past-time, reviewing the etymology of words in the Oxford English Dictionary. My word of choice today is Reflection-perhaps fitting, as we are in the final weeks of the quarter.  Reflection is defined in a multiplicity of ways in the OED and proves to be a most fascinating source of inspiration. One thing that I will never get enough of is understanding how words influence us in a myriad of ways depending on our context. I was dazzled by the nuanced meanings of the word as defined throughout the years, and of its synonyms: cogitation, cerebration, musing, pondering, rumination, etc. Before heading down a rabbit hole, I quickly sought to pluck the most appropriate form of the word for this end-of-the-quarter blog. “Reflection-The action or process of thinking carefully or deeply about a particular subject, typically involving influence from one’s past life and experiences; contemplation, deep or serious thought or consideration, esp. of a spiritual nature.”

Stanford’s quarter system consists of ten quick weeks where students often are so drawn into the day-to-day completion of their academic tasks, reading assignments, p-sets, and writing prompts,  that they often explain that it is difficult to really understand the accumulation of what has transpired when it is all said and done.  Therefore, it is an incredible exercise, a gift really,  once the quarter is complete, to reflect on what has gone well, what did not and why, and what one might try altogether differently the next time around.  This process is integral to evolving as a learner, and we urge students to make time for it.  

If one is intrigued by going through a reflective process, please consider registering with one of our Learning Specialists for a Drop-In appointment.  We have many sessions left these next few weeks, and we are convinced that opening up to reflect with us will be a valuable experience, as we can facilitate a reflection process towards understanding patterns of behavior that one may be so entrenched in that it is difficult to see other ways of approaching the same tasks.

If one is interested in reflecting on a larger scale, we also urge students to look into our two quarter-long programs, LLIT (Learning Lab Ignition Term) and the Executive Functioning Program.   The Learning Lab’s programming is individualized for each student, each session building upon strengths, understanding the selected goals, and facilitating a nurturing process in an iterative way to achieve them. Both of our signature programs currently have openings available in addition to our student groups offerings.   

Our LLIT Program consists of four private sessions with a dedicated Learning Specialist who will help you assess your strengths, refresh your practices, and enhance your productivity.  Walk away with a portfolio of finely tailored, research-backed strategies.  LLIT is a free program for Stanford undergrads, graduate students, and doctoral candidates.  We champion diverse approaches to working and learning, and we welcome you to engage in LLIT for one quarter or more.  Students with learning disabilities are encouraged to register.

The Executive Functioning Program is a quarter-long program designed to meet the unique needs of the cohort of students who register. It consists of four 60-minute sessions with me, alternating each week with group sessions. The EF program allows students to not only work on their individual goals but engage in a community that shares similar experiences that impact all areas of their lives. This next quarter, I am happy to announce that I have received approval for a licensed CBT therapist to team with me for our group sessions. In addition,  all students will receive free books and resources.   

All of us here at the Learning Lab hope that everyone has a wonderful and restful Winter Holiday Season.  We look forward to continued connecting and reflecting in 2023!