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A new Slack feature being pilot-tested by Stanford lets channels have audio-only conversations

Stanford is participating in a pilot program for Slack Huddles, a new social audio feature that lets you talk, live and ad-hoc, with your teammates in a Slack channel.

Instant messaging in Slack is a good way to get a quick answer and keep the ball moving. But for those times when talking is more efficient than typing — or you simply miss the spontaneous hallway exchanges that happen naturally in a physical office — there are Slack Huddles.

Huddles are audio-only interactions within Slack channels. The experience is a casual, unscheduled option that’s similar to a call — except anyone in the channel or group message can drop in at any time to listen or talk.

Huddles are well-suited for situations like incidents or brainstorming. Join an active huddle to ask a question, share information, or participate in an impromptu conversation. Start a huddle to spark a discussion or get help progressing an idea.

Stanford is currently participating in a pilot program for Huddles. As a participant in the pilot, you’ll get first access to test this new feature. Please feel free to share your opinions by joining the conversation in the #slack-ama channel or completing this very brief survey.

Learn more about the Huddles feature and how to use it on the University IT website.