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Resources for students during a difficult week

The vice provosts of student affairs, undergraduate education, and graduate education and postdoctoral affairs, and the dean for religious and spiritual guidance offer support to students.

Dear students,

We have once again experienced another very difficult week, and we are writing to you today to offer you all the support we can.

Wherever you are in the world, we’re sure all of you have been following recent events in Indianapolis, where gun violence has taken the lives of eight Americans at their place of employment. This comes shortly after an unarmed Black man, Daunte Wright, and a Latino middle school student, Adam Toledo, were shot and killed by police officers in Minneapolis and Chicago. Meanwhile, the Derek Chauvin trial for the death of George Floyd continues. This is occurring as horrific, random violence against Asians and Asian Americans remains a regular occurance from coast to coast.

This morning, it is particularly heartbreaking to imagine the pain felt by so many with respect to gun violence. The Dean of Students Office is, as we write, reaching out to our students in the Indianapolis area. Taken as a whole, these events are difficult for everyone to bear, especially as we continue to battle a pandemic that has had a clear and disproportionate impact on Black and Indigenous people and people of color. We are dealing with an extraordinary amount of tragedy, injustice, fear and sadness.

Please know that there are many staff and faculty members here who share your concerns and who are here to support. Take time to take care of yourself and share what you are going through with others. The weight of what you are witnessing and experiencing at this moment may be more than you have felt in your lifetime. You do not have to experience it alone. Here are key offices and web resources:

In closing, we see the perseverance and forbearance that all of you bring to what is not at all an easy time to be a university student, and making the best of things for yourself and everyone around you. Please continue to take care, and to reach out to each other, to us and to our colleagues. We want to hear from you. The experiences, thoughts and suggestions you share helps us serve the entire university community.


Stacey Bent
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs

Susie Brubaker-Cole
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Sarah Church
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Tiffany Steinwert
Dean for Religious and Spiritual Life