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Marguerite service adjustments coming on Dec. 14 and Jan. 4; limited service during winter closure

On Monday, Dec. 14, and Monday, Jan. 4, Marguerite changes will go into effect to better align with Caltrain’s updated weekday timetable. Beginning Dec. 14, weekday trains will run every half hour and Marguerite routes are being adjusted to sync with Caltrain’s new departure and arrival times at the Palo Alto Transit Center and Redwood City Transit Center.

Between Dec. 12 and Jan. 3, most Marguerite service will be suspended on the main campus and at Stanford Redwood City, with limited, weekday service primarily for the medical center.

Updated schedules as of Monday, Dec. 14

Updated schedules as of Monday, Jan. 4

Line OCA service resumes Monday, Jan. 4

As of Monday, Jan. 4, Line OCA (Oak Creek Apartments) will resume service to coincide with the start of the winter quarter.

Limited service during winter closure

The following lines will operate during the winter closure.

Main Campus

Operating weekdays, including Dec. 25 and Jan. 1:

Operating weekdays, excluding Dec. 25 and Jan. 1:

Please note that there is no DisGo service during winter closure.

Stanford Redwood City

Please visit our website for real-time Marguerite information or download and use the ETA Spot app to find and follow where your bus is on the route.

For updates on protecting the health and well-being of Marguerite passengers and drivers, please refer to our Marguerite Safety Updates: COVID-19 page.

If you have questions about Marguerite service, please contact or 650.724.9339.