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Stanford proposes local bike-route improvements

Stanford proposes to fund four bikeway improvements for neighboring communities in tandem with its pending General Use Permit application. The improvements are designed to coax more employee and community commuters out of their cars and onto their bikes.

Miniature droplets could solve an origin-of-life riddle

Before life could begin, something had to kickstart the production of critical molecules. Chemistry Professor Richard Zare says that something may have been as simple as a mist made up of tiny drops of water.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Paving the way to healthy homes

With its singular focus on one basic thing – floors – a product and business incubated in the course Design for Extreme Affordability is transforming lives in Africa.

Hoover scholars tackle some of the most urgent issues of our time

The Hoover Institution’s nearly 200 fellows, who range from renowned thought leaders to emerging scholars, continue the think tank’s long tradition of addressing issues ranging from climate change and economics to foreign policy and national security.

Probing how Americans think about mental life

Most people don’t have answers to the big questions about consciousness or the meaning of life, but they do have a way of thinking about and categorizing mental life. It comes down to three things – body, heart and mind.

Hoover opens new David and Joan Traitel Building

The dynamic space is designed to enhance cooperation and efficiency across Hoover’s departments and provide conference and workshop facilities to host hundreds of visitors.

Behind the scenes with Taylor Mac

Through Stanford’s Arts Intensive, seven students helped bring to life a dynamic play by acclaimed performance artist Taylor Mac.

Stanford Law School —

Sexual harassment and the law

As thousands of mostly women have come forward to share experiences on social media of sexual harassment, gender discrimination expert Deborah Rhode discusses the law and sexual harassment in the workplace.