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Stanford’s winter quarter guest artists

Stanford creates opportunities for meaningful engagement with the arts for students and the university community by inviting over 150 artists each year to campus to create, perform and discuss their work.

Ira M. Friedman dead at 69

During his 22-year career at Stanford, Ira M. Friedman was devoted to serving the physical health and mental health care needs of students as director of Vaden Health Center, and its predecessor, Cowell Student Health Center.

A window into long-range planning

Faculty leaders of two of Stanford’s long-range planning steering groups, including Juliet Brodie, discuss how the groups reviewed hundreds of ideas from across the community and share some of the major themes that emerged.

Starting small on the path to rebuilding our bodies

Biologists have wondered for centuries why plants and animals take the shapes they do. Now, researchers exploring the mechanics of cells and tissues are finding answers that might one day help engineers rebuild our bodies.

Stanford Law School —

State marijuana laws at odds with federal enforcement

In a Q&A, law Professor Robert MacCoun discusses the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind an Obama-era policy that, in effect, allowed state laws regarding marijuana use to trump federal law.