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Update on Cardinal Conversations

A fifth session in the Cardinal Conversations series has now been scheduled, and discussions are under way about the next phase of the initiative.

Stanford Law School —

Supreme Court strikes down key deportation provision

In this Q&A, law Professor Jayashri Srikantiah discusses the court’s decision striking down part of the Immigration and Nationality Act that authorized the government to deport some immigrants convicted of “aggravated felonies.”

Three staffers win 2018 Amy J. Blue Awards

The awards honor the life and work of the late Amy J. Blue, associate vice president for administrative services and facilities, who was known as a woman of incisive intelligence, abundant energy and unrelenting honesty.

Ram’s Head presents Chicago

Cast and crew members of Chicago, presented by the student-run theatrical society Ram’s Head, reflect on the commitments and rewards of putting their latest show together.

Report of the president: Appointments and promotions

The following Academic Council professoriate appointments, promotions and reappointments for the periods indicated were reviewed by the Advisory Board of the Academic Council were approved by the president.

Examining the complexities of migration

Global migration is a complicated issue facing people all over the world. Stanford scholars are turning to critical, social scientific inquiry to better understand its complexities.

Swarms of tiny organisms churn ocean waters

Massive swarms of tiny oceanic organisms like krill create enough turbulence when they migrate to redistribute ocean waters – an effect that may influence everything from distribution of ocean nutrients to climate models.