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Learning en plein air

At Stanford University, gardens beckon visitors to learn en plein air – about small-scale sustainable farming,  sun-loving desert plants and sculpture.

Summer studies at Stanford give military veterans an academic boost

Stanford’s Veteran Accelerator program, which accepted its first cohort in summer 2014, helps military veterans enrolled in community college programs to develop the academic, professional and personal skills needed to thrive at a four-year institution.

Students in government

The student-led Stanford in Government program offers fellowship opportunities to those interested in public administration and policy. Stanford News spoke with two students to learn about their summer government jobs.

Former ‘Mars czar’ reviews latest news on the red planet

Discoveries of complex molecules and a liquid water lake, a birthday for one rover and concern for another have brought Mars a lot of attention this summer. Here’s what the first Mars program director, Scott Hubbard, has to say about all the recent excitement over the red planet.

The inequalities of prenatal stress

Stanford sociologist Florencia Torche found that economically disadvantaged children prenatally exposed to an environmental stressor had much lower cognitive abilities than their counterparts who didn't experience the stress.