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Living with air pollution

Polluted air caused by drifting wildfire smoke is choking the Bay Area. It’s the norm for many people around the world. Globally, long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution is responsible for millions of deaths.

Catalina Island is sinking and tilting

A new analysis of marine fossils and seismic data offers keys to better modeling of global sea levels and earthquake risk in Southern California – plus the last word in a century-long debate over the motion of Catalina Island.

Adequate sanitation goes well beyond just toilets

Stanford's Stephen Luby wants the focus of World Toilet Day to be less about toilets and more about the improvement of sanitation systems for people in developing countries.

UIT builds phishing awareness in Stanford community

A program expanded by Stanford University IT in May is teaching faculty and staff how to recognize, avoid and report malicious emails, which are considered the greatest threat to our privacy and cybersecurity.

Stanford Athletics —

Graduation Success Rate reflects academic success

Stanford Athletics registered an overall graduation rate of 97 percent in the latest NCAA Graduation Success Rate report, with 17 programs earning a 100 percent graduation rate.