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Drell wins first Pomeranchuk Prize

Sidney Drell, deputy director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, has been named the first laureate of the Isaak Yakovlevich Pomeranchuk Prize given by Russia's Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP). Pomeranchuk was formerly the head of theoretical physics at ITEP, and the award coincides with the 85th anniversary of his birth. Drell was recognized for his "outstanding pioneering contributions" to the quantum theory of the electrodynamic hadronic processes and for the development of the theory that explains how X-rays are generated by beams of charged particles." Drell will share this honor with the Russian physicist A.I. Akhieser, who is currently working at the Institute of Physics and Technology at Kharkov in the Ukraine. Drell has donated the monetary part of the award to the ITEP library for purchase of needed books and journals. He will travel to Moscow later in the year to accept the certificate and present a talk on his work.


By David F. Salisbury

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