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Gregg accepts full-time academic position

After 11 years as dean for religious life, Robert Gregg will resume his scholarly work in the Department of Religious Studies on a full-time basis beginning next January.

"I have enjoyed in countless ways the work done as dean, especially the rich and varied interactions with students, staff and faculty," said Gregg, who is a historian of early Christianity and religions of the late Roman era. "Because we have so splended a team of associate deans for religious life in place and hard at work at present, it seems to me a propitious time for my return to academic life."

Despite the demands of being a university chaplain, Gregg has managed to teach two to three courses a year at Stanford. He holds a doctorate in religious thought and patristics from the University of Pennsylvania and was a professor at Duke from 1974 to 1987.


By Marisa Cigarroa

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