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Saldivar announces new undergraduate initiatives

Ramón Saldívar, vice provost for undergraduate education, has announced three new initiatives designed to help departments and individual faculty members to bolster the quality of advising, mentoring and classroom instruction.

The Undergraduate Majors Enhancements Program provides financial support for departments seeking additional resources to sponsor activities such as honors workshops, faculty/student gatherings, peer advising programs, career alumni nights and departmental newsletters.

The Majors Advising Enhancements Program will help cover expenses incurred by individual faculty members who sponsor class activities such as field trips, special screenings or dinner gatherings.

The Sophomore Programs Augmentation Fund supports advising and mentoring activities associated with Sophomore College and Sophomore Seminars and Dialogues.

"We want the faculty to know that there are resources to support this kind of work, which is not directly related to the curriculum and curricular development but does go a long way toward helping improve the quality of undergraduate education," Saldívar said.

Department chairs, program directors and faculty interested in participating in any of the programs should contact Jodi Berardino at 723-0402.


By Marisa Cigarroa