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Robert Gregg awarded the alumni association's Lyman prize

Robert C. Gregg, dean of Memorial Church and professor of religious studies and classics, has been named the winner of this year's Richard W. Lyman Award for volunteer service at Stanford by the university's alumni association.

At a reception on Dec. 4, William E. Stone, president of the alumni association, praised Gregg for his "calm presence and sensitive instincts wherever and whenever he is called, and for the countless lives he touches ­ in scholarship and friendship or moments of great joy or sorrow."

Gregg, the 14th recipient of the Lyman Award, came to Stanford in 1987. As dean of the chapel, he is committed to engaging people of diverse faiths, philosophies and politics in constructive dialogue.

"It did not occur to me that I'd have so many dealings with such a wide range of graduates," said Gregg, who noted that his involvement with alumni ranges from officiating at weddings, baptisms and funerals to leading alumni travel study trips to the Mediterranean. Although he was a member of Duke University's faculty for 14 years before coming to Stanford, he had never served as a university chaplain. Gregg added that his wife, Mary Layne, has been a full partner in all of his lecture and social encounters. "I've done virtually nothing here by myself," he said.

The award, named for Stanford's seventh president, has been given yearly since 1983 to faculty members whose institutional service extends beyond their professional responsibilities. Previous recipients have included James Adams, Herant Katchadourian, Ezra Solomon, Bill Chace, Albert Elsen, David Kennedy, Martin Evans, Channing Robertson, Barry Katz, Norman Naimark, Diane Middlebrook, Ronald Rebholz and Ernle Young.


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