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Fall line-up of Continuing Studies Program courses

STANFORD --The Continuing Studies Program is offering 45 courses, including several that are team-taught, to launch its ninth academic year. Registration opened Aug. 26 and runs through the first week of class, Sept. 23-26.

"With Justice for All," a leadership forum on diversity, will be convened by Sally Dickson, director of the Office for Multicultural Development, and Robert Rosenzweig, former president of the Association of American Universities and a former Stanford vice president.

As Californians prepare to vote on the California Civil Rights Initiative this fall, the Continuing Studies Program, in partnership with the Pew Charitable Trust, has invited local leaders in business, government and education to participate in this forum on the future of affirmative action. The course meets on Tuesday evenings for five weeks, from Oct. 1 to 29, and concludes with dinner at the Faculty Club on Nov. 12.

Stanford's Cultures, Ideas, and Values (CIV) sequence has developed courses during the past 10 years that include some unfamiliar works among the traditional classics. Ten Stanford lecturers will discuss works from the CIV syllabus in "Why Read It?" a course that explores how the "old" classics are being interpreted in the light of new questions, and how the "new" classics bear upon older questions. The course meets Tuesday evenings from Oct. 1 through Dec. 3.

In connection with the deYoung Museum's major fall exhibition, "Beat Culture in America, 1950-1965," on display from Oct. 5 through Dec. 29, five lecturers will team-teach an exploration of one of the defining cultural movements of the late 20th century in "The Beat Generation." The course looks at the work of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, among others, against a backdrop of Cold War disillusionment and commercialism. The course meets Thursday evenings from Oct. 3 through Oct. 31.

The Continuing Studies Program fall catalog also features new full-year beginning language sequences in German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, and single-term courses in French and modern Greek. Distance learning will be provided through Channel 51, with "The Brain, An Owner's Manual" offered in fall quarter. New travel programs include a theater trip to New York in the spring, a trip in June to the Galapagos and a September program in Oxford.

University employees who work 50 percent time or more can receive tuition assistance of up to $140 per quarter to be applied toward CSP tuition for themselves and their spouses. This assistance is in addition to STAP funds and does not preclude an employee from using STAP funds for other job-related courses.

The Continuing Studies Program Office is located in Building 590, Room 104. Catalogs are available there, or by calling 725-2650.

Fall quarter courses include the following:

Improvisation A
Expository Writing
Central Europe
British Homefront
Italian Culture I
Philosophy of Design
Ethics and International Politics
Beginning Russian I

Chinese Art
On Choice
Fiction Workshop
Modern Greece
Why Read It?
Justice for All
Western World Views
Bach Organ Music
Interdisciplinary Methods (MLA)

Frank Lloyd Wright
Samurai Culture
Adam 2000
Improvisation B
Creative Non-Fiction
Women and Men in the Workplace
North America
Beginning Italian
Presidential Health
History of Jazz
Music Theory
Peak Performance
Beginning Spanish I
Literary Modernism (MLA)
The Plague (MLA)

Archaeology and Mythology
Beat Generation
The Brain
Plate Techtonics
Beginning a Novel
Advanced French
Beginning German I
Russian Literature



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