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John Gardner honored by Education Commission of the States

STANFORD -- The Education Commission of the States presented its James Bryant Conant Award on July 1 in San Antonio to John Gardner, the Miriam and Peter Haas Centennial Professor of Public Service. Gardner is a lecturer in organizational renewal and leadership in the Graduate School of Business and School of Education.

The commission, which is a nonprofit organization formed in 1965 to help state governors, legislators and education officials improve the quality of education, began giving the annual award in 1977 to honor Conant, a scholar, scientist and statesman who co-founded the commission.

Gardner "has a very long and distinguished career and has given so much of himself to bettering the lives of others," said commission president Frank Newman. "When [Gardner] was secretary of the U.S. Health, Education and Welfare Department, he helped define the federal government's role in education and develop its relationship with disadvantaged students. As president of the Carnegie Corp., he put grant making for education on the map. Not many people have had as much far-reaching influence as John."

Gardner also founded Common Cause and served as chair of the National Urban Coalition and Independent Sector. He was a member of President Kennedy's Task Force on Education and Commission on International Education and Cultural Affairs. He was a member of President Johnson's Task Force on Education, President Carter's Commission on an Agenda for the Eighties and President Reagan's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives. Among his books are Excellence, In Common Cause and On Leadership.



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