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Paul and Anne Ehrlich honored with Nuclear Age Peace Awards

STANFORD -- The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation of Santa Barbara, Calif.,has honored Paul and Anne Ehrlich with its annual Nuclear Age Peace Awards. The awards were presented to them by ocean environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau at the foundation's annual awards dinner in Santa Barbara on May 10.

Foundation president David Krieger announced the awards with the statement, "Paul and Anne Ehrlich have been inspiring workers for a more decent and peaceful world. In addition to working for environmental protection and population control . . . they have offered new ways of moving toward an equitable and secure society in which every human being could have a better life."

Paul Ehrlich is Bing Professor in Population Studies at Stanford; Anne Ehrlich is a senior research scientist in biological sciences. They are co-authors of many books, including The Population Explosion (1990) and, with Gretchen Daily, The Stork and the Plow (1995), and co-founders of Stanford's Center for Conservation Biology.

"The really cheering thing about this award is that this is an organization that has been primarily concerned with the nuclear issue, and this award recognized us to a very large degree on the issues of environmental security and equity," Paul Ehrlich said in an interview. He noted that Secretary of State Warren Christopher had made the same point in his foreign policy address at Stanford on April 9.

"Finally not only economists and ecologists are talking together, but people who are interested in peace are beginning to understand that the environment is a big chunk of [international] security, that population is a big chunk of security, that you can't dissect these things out. This is a recognition of that trend," Ehrlich said.



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