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SLAC announces layoff of 28 people

STANFORD -- The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center on Thursday, Feb. 15, announced that it will lay off 28 employees effective March 15. The action was taken in response to the decrease in SLAC's operations budget that was announced by the Department of Energy last fall as part of federal budget cutbacks.

"SLAC is in a strong scientific position, but that position has to be more narrowly focused," said Director Burton Richter. "That means our scientific and technical staff must be concentrated in our main research areas."

As reported in November, the laboratory offered a voluntary layoff package that began in December. Forty-two people took this option, which reduced the number of involuntary layoffs required.

Employees laid off involuntarily will receive severance pay based on their length of service to the university; continued medical benefits for three months; one year free participation in a career counseling program; and a listing in a résumé book sent to local employers. Employees who are eligible to retire may do so with full retirement benefits.

"We regret that the layoffs will cause difficulties for many people, and we regret that SLAC is losing the scientific expertise of people who have made strong contributions in the past," Richter said. "But our future requires a smaller, more directed facility."



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