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Richter to speak at AAAS meeting

STANFORD -- Nobel laureate Burton Richter, director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, will speak at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on Monday, Feb. 12.

He will be part of a panel of directors from Department of Energy laboratories who will address the topic: "The Role of the DOE Energy Research Labs in Maintaining a Healthy Basic Science Capability."

The recent intense scrutiny of the Department of Energy has been primarily in the areas of national defense and environmental cleanup. Less attention has been paid to the agency's role in maintaining the nation's basic science research, and the importance of the national labs to researchers from university groups and industry.

In his comments Richter will review current research in high-energy physics and assess future directions, especially in the light of election-year politics and ongoing budget reductions. Richter also will speak on the importance of the U.S. role in international collaborations in
large-scale projects.

Other members of the panel include Charles Shank, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Alan Schriesheim, Argonne National Laboratory; Ronald Davidson, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; Alvin Trivelpiece, Oakridge National Laboratory; William Madia, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; and Nick Samios, Brookhaven National Laboratory. They will discuss the Energy Department's role in areas of material and chemical sciences, biology, and environmental issues.

After the panel discussion, Richter and panel members will be available for follow-up questions.



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