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Hopkins' Epel honored for fostering undergraduate research

STANFORD -- David Epel, professor of biological sciences at Hopkins Marine Station, is the 1995 recipient of Stanford University's Allan V. Cox Medal for Faculty Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research.

The award was presented Saturday, June 17, by John Shoven, dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences.

Epel was cited "for his infectious enthusiasm, intellectual rigor, honesty and a teaching style which encourages his students to trust their emerging observational skills; for nurturing students' interest through accessibility and thoughtful ideas for project development, implementation and troubleshooting; for his uncompromising insistence on quality, whether in data collection or countless iterations of publication drafts; and for remaining an inspiration to his students whose careers in science and academic medicine he helped to launch as long as 25 years ago."

The Cox Medal is awarded annually to the faculty member who has established a record of excellence directing undergraduate research over a number of years. It also may go to a faculty member who has done an especially outstanding job with just one or two undergraduates whose work is unusually superior. The award was established in memory of the late Allan Cox, a professor of geophysics and dean of the School of Earth Sciences. He is widely known as the co-discoverer of magnetic field reversals.

In addition to the citation and medal, Epel also received a cash prize from the Amoco Foundation of Chicago. This dimension of the award acknowledges the highly regarded professional and personal affiliations between Cox and the Amoco family of employees and serves to emphasize the important contributions of outstanding teachers.

Previous recipients of the Cox Medal include Carolyn Lougee, professor of history; James Collman, professor of chemistry; the late William Fairbank, professor of physics; Kennell Jackson, professor of history and director of the Undergraduate Scholars Program; Frank Wolak, associate professor of economics; Ward Watt, professor of biological sciences; Anne Fernald, associate professor of psychology; and Terry Karl, associate professor of political science.


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