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Falcon heads new ad hoc Committee on the Professoriate

STANFORD -- Provost Condoleezza Rice has appointed a new ad hoc Committee on the Professoriate to review various proposals relating to family leave policies, promotion in the research line, principal investigator guidelines and tenure at the Medical School.

Walter Falcon, director of the Institute for International Studies and professor in the Food Research Institute, chairs the committee, which he said would offer Rice "a second opinion - in the medical sense - on a series of topics that have come to her from deans or university committees."

Falcon and five other faculty members have held two meetings since their committee was formed in December, and four members attended the Medical Faculty Senate meeting Friday, Jan. 20, to hear a discussion about tenure issues (see separate story, page XX.)

In the area of family leave policies, the committee will consider whether the university should allow unlimited extensions of the tenure clock for maternity leave. There is now a limit of two extensions. The university also is considering broadening the policy to apply to fathers and to include leaves for adoption as well as birth.

Another provision would allow a one-year extension to the tenure clock to care for an ill spouse, domestic partner, parent or child.

The committee will review rules prohibiting promotion within the research line and prohibiting renewal of appointments as research assistant professor and associate (research) after six years.

Falcon's committee also will review the eligibility policy for principal investigators and recommend whether more waivers should be permitted.

Falcon said he hoped to bring recommendations for changes, if any, to the Faculty Senate during spring quarter. Meanwhile, his group will consult broadly and will meet every other week.

The new committee is smaller and has a more limited mandate than its predecessor, the Second Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Professoriate, Falcon said. The earlier committee, headed by biologist Philip Hanawalt, was charged in 1988 to undertake the most extensive review of professorial appointments since 1974. In 1990 it submitted two dozen proposals about criteria for appointments, principal investigator privileges, academic titles, career ladders, academic recognition and health benefits.

Serving with Falcon on the new committee are Brad Efron, statistics and health research and policy; Phyllis Gardner, molecular pharmacology; Peter Gregory, associate dean, medicine; Perry McCarty, civil engineering; and Saul Rosenberg, medicine. Associate Provost Kathy Gillam and Nancy Ashton, also of the Provost's Office, are staffing the committee.



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