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Sidney Drell and the late Linus Pauling receive Italian 'Science for Peace' prize

STANFORD -- Sidney D. Drell, professor and deputy director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, is a co-recipient with the late Linus Pauling of the "Ettore Majorana-Erice-Science for Peace" prize.

Drell was honored for his numerous contributions in the study of elementary particles; for his "commitment to promote peaceful relations between the two superpowers"; and for his efforts in behalf of the Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture in Erice, Italy, which established the award.

The first edition of the prize was awarded in 1990 to Edward Teller and Victor Weisskopf and in memory of the late physicists Paul A.M. Dirac, Pjotr L. Kapitza and Andrei Sakharov. It was not awarded again until this year. To make up for the gap, several editions of the award were issued. Awards for previous years went to six other prominent scientists.

The annual award includes a prize of one million Swiss francs to assist recipients in their efforts to "promote science and peace throughout the world."



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