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Statement by the President and Provost, May 6, 1994


Grape Boycott

The issue of the boycott of grapes has been brought to our attention by students as an important issue. Professor Luis Fraga will form and head a committee that will assess and, if necessary, recommend changes to the university's present policy on grapes. Professor Fraga will consult with students, staff and faculty on the membership of the committee. The committee will include members from all parts of the university. The committee should submit its recommendations no later than the end of Fall quarter 1994.

Flicks incident

Sally Dickson is heading an effort to examine the university response to the Flicks incident. This effort may include recommendations to increase campus awareness of the grape issue via dorm viewings and discussions of the video shown at the Flicks, as well as discussion of other views.

Burciaga layoff

We recognize that the layoff of Cecilia Burciaga has been a source of distress for many in the Stanford community and that her role at Stanford went beyond her duties in the Vice Provost for Student Affairs area. We recognize that Cecilia contributed to the mentoring, recruitment and retention of Chicano students, especially at the graduate level and women in particular.

We are committed to the recruitment and retention of minority graduate students. The university recognizes that it is important to have a diverse staff to provide mentoring opportunities.

Relations to East Palo Alto community

We recognize that there is interest on the part of students in enhancing the unviersity's ongoing collaborations with East Palo Alto. Further, we will explore ways, including fundraising assistance, to support student initiatives to consolidate and better coordinate their service programs in East Palo Alto.

Chicano studies

The Provost will entertain a proposal from the Dean of Humanities and Sciences to consider establishing a Chicano Studies Program.

In constituting the committee to draft proposals and examine associated academic issues, the chair will consult with students, fac ulty and H&S deans. The school will report on a schedule that will allow consideration on the findings in the context of the next planning and budget cycle.

Asian American studies

The School of Humanities and Sciences also will examine the requests that have been pending concerning Asian American studies.


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