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Minority student center budgets spared, Edmonds announces

STANFORD -- The operating budgets for Stanford's minority student centers will not be reduced next year, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Mary Edmonds announced at a "town meeting" Thursday evening, April 7.

Edmonds said the final 1994-95 budget plan for her area, which has been approved by Provost Condoleezza Rice, called for a total of just over $1 million in cuts to the $16 million budget, or about 6.3 percent. Most of the cuts will be in the Office of the Dean of Students, including Tresidder Union.

The student union's $902,500 operating budget will be slashed by 24 percent, or $216,500. Also facing reductions are the central Student Affairs office and the Financial Aids office.

Besides the student centers - those for ethnic minorities and the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community Center, the Women's Center and Bechtel International Center - units whose budgets will not be trimmed include the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Career Planning and Placement Center, and the Judicial Affairs Office.

If Tresidder's budget is not included, the Office of the Dean of Students will be cut about 8 percent, said Dean of Students Michael Jackson. The overall budget for his area is about $2 million. A task force currently is working to find new sources of income for Tresidder while reducing operating costs.

The budget for the office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aids will be trimmed by 6.7 percent, or $200,000. James Montoya, dean of undergraduate admissions, told the nearly 100 people at the meeting in Terman Auditorium that some positions may be consolidated or eliminated. He also assured the students that "need-blind" admissions and financial aid would not be affected by the recent merger of the two offices.

Roger Printup, registrar, said his office would be cut by 2.9 percent, or $135,000, but said the reduction should not affect student services. The Haas Center for Public Service's budget will decrease by 5.4 percent, or $17,500, probably through the elimination of one half-time position. Only 16 percent of the Haas Center budget comes from the university.

The Cowell Student Health Center's figure is 1.3 percent, or $52,000. Cowell Director Dr. Ira Friedman said students should not notice any reduction in health services. Keith Guy, director of Housing and Dining Services, said the housing department's 1994-95 budget picture is unclear, because it is self-supporting and affected by other university budgets.

In response to a question about whether student input was considered in making the decisions, Edmonds said she relied on about 300 responses to a December 1993 Stanford Daily advertisement calling for suggestions.

"To get as many as 300 responses to an ad is significant," Edmonds said.

The agenda called for Edmonds to make a presentation, followed by remarks from each of her managers. After Edmonds' presentation, however, students spent roughly an hour debating Edmonds over her decision, announced the first week of April, to eliminate the associate dean position held by Cecilia Burciaga (see related story).



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