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Alternative natural philosophers to debate foundations of science

STANFORD -- The 10th annual meeting of the western regional chapter of the Alternative Natural Philosophers Association will be held at Stanford's Cordura Hall Feb. 19-21. Among featured speakers will be Patrick Suppes, professor emeritus of philosophy, education, psychology and statistics, and Pierre Noyes, professor of theoretical physics at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and a co-founder of both this and the International Alternative Natural Philosophers Association.

Noyes explained that the main goal of both groups is to examine ideas for new scientific models of the universe that combine what is known about quantum mechanics, molecular biology and consciousness more thoroughly than present models.

The physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, logicians, philosophers, molecular biologists and others who belong to ANPA seldom agree on the specifics of such models, Noyes said, "but many of us believe that the first steps toward a scientific revolution comparable in scope to that which occurred in the 17th century have already been taken and should be pursued."

On Saturday, Feb. 19, Suppes will open the meeting, discussing "Isomorphism Between Discrete and Continuous." Los Altos molecular biologist Fred Young's talk is titled "From Cellular Automata to Quantum Cellular Automata." Marin County physician William Silverman, M.D., will speak on "The line Between Knowing and Doing in Medicine: Dilemma at the End of the 20th Century."

On Sunday, Feb. 20, Noyes will discuss "Stapp's Quantum Dualism, the James-Heisenberg Model of Consciousness." Palo Alto software consultant Tom Etter will speak on "Pauli's New Science: Irrationality, Synchronicity and Mind-Stuff." Michael Manthey, professor of computer science at the University of Aalborg in Denmark, will speak on "Vector Semantics of the Actor Model."

On Monday, Feb. 21, Eddie Oshins, visiting scholar in the physics department, will discuss "Technical Comments on Quantum Psychology and the Metalogic of Second Order Change." Berkeley mathematician Herb Doughty is scheduled for a talk to be announced. Philosophy postdoctoral student Jose Acacio de Barros will discuss "Diffraction Interference Between Photon Trajectories.



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