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McNamara to advocate neighborhood gun control at conference

STANFORD - Hoover Institution Research Fellow Joseph McNamara has been invited to give a presentation on gun control at California Gov. Pete Wilson's two-day "crime summit" in Hollywood on Jan. 19 and 20. McNamara, a former San Jose police chief, recommends allowing neighborhoods to establish "gun-free zones" in which firearms are prohibited.

"Gun control laws will reduce deaths and injuries only if they reflect public sentiment repudiating a 'Rambo' mentality and condemning violence," McNamara has said.

His research at Hoover involves a search for a middle ground between the government's current war on drugs and total legalization. He has been working with Hoover Fellows George Shultz and Milton Friedman in calling for an end to the drug war and the appointment of a commission to find better methods to deal with the problems of substance abuse.

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