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STANFORD -- The state attorney general is working toward an out-of-court settlement with the Stanford Bookstore after a two-year investigation into its compensation and investment practices.

State investigators began their scrutiny of the Bookstore early in 1992, shortly after the Stanford Daily reported that its employees were enjoying perks that included luxury cars and use of a vacation home. Further investigation disclosed that the store had lost nearly $2 million in speculative stock investments.

State tax laws restrict the investments and benefits to employees that non-profit organizations such as the Bookstore can pursue.

A Stanford pest control subcontractor has been charged with felony conspiracy to violate wildlife protection laws after allegedly poaching thousands of rare and endangered butterflies from public parks and wildlife refuges in 10 states and Mexico.

Richard Skalski, 38 - known as "Bugman" by co-workers - allegedly used a university greenhouse to raise food plants for the butterfly larvae. He and two others are scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in San Jose on Jan. 20. They face up to five years in federal prison and heavy fines if convicted.

Cowell Student Health Center's Sexual Assault Information Resource Center has a new outreach educator.

Senior Angelina Cheney will stop out to take over the full-time position, which is funded annually by a student government special-fee request. Her duties will including organizing educational programs for the campus community and managing the resource center.

A new director for the center also will be appointed, probably by the end of January.

Effective immediately, the Stanford Recycling Center is discontinuing its polystyrene (Styrofoam) recycling program. Until further notice, all types of polystyrene - including molded packing pieces, yogurt cups or packing peanuts - cannot be accepted.

The change is due to marketing difficulties. For further information, contact Heidi Clark at the Recycling Center, 725-1230.


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