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STANFORD -- A Stanford Daily survey of 250 undergraduates showed strong reservations about the Cultures, Ideas and Values (CIV) program and the university's advising system.

Seventy-two percent of the upperclass students questioned said that the three-quarter CIV track - designed to introduce them to major works and historical movements - should be changed, and 65 percent said the current academic advising system for undergraduates is inadequate.

When students were asked what three areas of undergraduate education are most important for the Commission on Undergraduate Education to study, distribution requirements were cited by 52 percent, followed by Cultures, Ideas and Values (22 percent) and majors (15 percent).

Approximately 54 percent said the number of distribution requirements and the Freshman English requirement are about right.

Stanford's 46-17 loss in the Nov. 20 Big Game against UC-Berkeley left more than a few bruised egos on campus.

Stanford Stadium suffered about $4,000 in damage at the end of the game, when hundreds of Cal fans rushed out of the stands, tearing down one goal post, destroying fences, tearing up the field and vandalizing a university facilities van.

Five individuals were booked for public drunkenness, three were cited for fence-jumping, two were arrested during altercations, and five were cited for attacking the Stanford Band during its half-time performance.

Repairs to the Stadium and field should be completed in time for a soccer game to be played at Stanford Dec. 18.

The Stanford men's water polo team won its seventh NCAA title Nov. 28, drowning out No. 3 USC 11-9 for the national championship in Long Beach's Belmont Olympic Pool.

It was the first NCAA win for the Cardinal since 1986 and the sixth title earned by head coach Dante Dettamanti in his 16 years at Stanford.

Cowell Student Health Center's Health Promotion Program is losing four of its nine staff members.

Fran Gibson, director of the Sexual Assault Information Resource Center, has resigned effective Dec. 10, while the center's outreach educator, Caroline Mitchell, will step down Dec. 17 when her one-year ASSU-funded position ends.

In addition, Stewart Kiner and his assistant, Crystal Chang, will be leaving their one-year positions with Party Pro's, a Cowell-based program that teaches students how to entertain successfully with and without alcohol.

Heath Promotion Program Director Carole Pertofsky said efforts will be made to promptly fill the voids in some form, depending on the availability of funds.


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