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Business School welcomes MBA class of 1995

STANFORD -- The high point of the year for any admissions director is the day he or she meets the class she selected, Marie Mookini of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business told 353 members of the Class of 1995 when they arrived on campus.

"What you all have in common is a passion for learning, a desire to make a difference and a sincere commitment to a community of shared learning," Mookini, admissions director for the school, said in her welcoming remarks Sept. 21. "And the differences among you create a rich environment in which to learn."

Their differences are vast. Ranging in age from 23 to 45, the new students are drawn from 38 different states and 36 countries. The 95 international students come from cities ranging from Mexico City to Madras, Montreal and Moscow.

There are 92 women and 66 ethnic minorities in the class. The new students attended 138 different undergraduate institutions; 91 of them majored in engineering or computer science, 81 in economics, and 54 in business or accounting. Stanford tops the list of feeder schools with 35 graduates, followed by Harvard (24), Princeton (19) and the University of California-Berkeley (15).

Most of the new MBA students have significant business experience: The largest number (18 percent) come from investment banks, and 12 percent of them are from management consulting firms.

Many come from less traditional career paths; there are three physicians and a priest as well as former members of the Peace Corps and the foreign service. There are professional athletes from football, tennis, soccer and basketball, and amateur athletes, including three Olympians. The class includes a news magazine reporter, a film producer, the performer-owner of an improvisational comedy company, military officers, political appointees and numerous people from non-profit concerns.

"We are fortunate that you have chosen to join the GSB for the next two years," Mookini said, "and we hope that you will relish the opportunities ahead of you to work - and, of course, play -

with such an accomplished and dynamic group of your peers."


Total applications 3300

Enrollment 353

Women 92 26.1%

International 81 22.9%

International with

permanent residency 14 3.9%

Minority 66 18.7%

Public Management Program. 46 13.0%

Age (as of 9/27/93)

Range 23-45

Mean 27.2

Median 26.5

30 and older 54

College seniors 1

Advanced degree 42 11.9%

Undergraduate Major

Engineering/Computer Sci.

91 25.8%

Economics 81 22.9%

Business/Accounting 54 15.3%

Behavioral/Soc. Sciences 52 14.7%

Humanities 44 12.5%

Applied/Natural Sciences 18 5.1%

Mathematics 13 3.7%

Undergraduate Institution and Country US institutions 89 Non-U.S. institutions 49

US states 38 Other countries 35

Average work experience: 3.89 yrs at application


College/unemployed 8 2.3% Manufacturing 50 14.2%

Service 295 83.5%

Marital status

Married 57 16.1%

Single 296 83.9%




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