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Historic maps, atlases on display at Green Library

STANFORD - Historic maps and atlases from the Stanford University Libraries' Department of Special Collections will be on display in the lobby of Green Library through Friday, Sept. 3.

The exhibit, "Here & There: Antiquarian Maps," is free and open to the public. Call 723-9108 for Green Library summer hours.

Original maps on display include a 1513 woodcut map of the Malay Peninsula by Martin Waldseemuller; a hand-colored double-hemisphere map printed in Paris in 1669 that depicts California as an island; an English Victorian map (1832) comparing the heights and lengths of what were at that time thought to be the world's principal mountains and rivers (Mount Everest is not represented); and a strip map by John Ogilby representing the first survey of the roads of England and Wales, published in London in 1675.

Two volumes of Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, a 1612 Italian folio edition and a 1593 miniature edition both published by the Plantin Press in Venice, are also included.

An enlarged facsimile of a map of Iceland published by Ortelius in the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, features drawings of sea monsters. An accompanying legend describes the monsters in vivid detail:

"M, the Staukul, the Dutchmen call it Springual; he hath beene seene to stand a whole day together upright upon his taile. It is so called of leaping or skipping. It is a very dangerous enemy to seamen and fishers, and greedily seeketh after mans flesh."


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