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Tougher smoking ban considered

STANFORD - Stanford University is considering a tougher smoking policy that would ban cigarette sales on campus.

The revised policy also would extend no-smoking zones to all enclosed spaces on campus - including university vehicles, covered walkways and residence halls - and to all indoor or outdoor campus events. Currently, smoking is permitted in private rooms and some offices.

According to its author, Tom Matteoli, director of employee relations and development, the policy revision was spurred by recent studies showing an increased risk of lung disease for people exposed to "passive smoking." (Approximately 8 percent of the Stanford population smokes, compared to about 25 percent nationwide.)

If the draft is approved, employees and students who still want to smoke on campus will have to do it "far enough away from doorways, open windows and ventilation systems to prevent smoke from entering enclosed buildings and facilities."

In addition, university officials "may designate certain areas of existing courtyards and patios as smoking areas, in which case ashtrays must be provided."

As in the past, enforcement will rely on the "thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and non- smokers," the draft states. "Faculty, staff and students repeatedly violating this policy may be subject to corrective action."

The proposal already has been presented for consideration to the Board of Trustees and the University Cabinet. Those who wish to comment on it should send their written statements, no later than May 31, to Barbara Butterfield, vice president for faculty and staff services (or, in the case of students, to Vice Provost Mary Edmonds).

Faculty and staff who want to quit smoking can find help through the Health Improvement Program, 725-4406. Students should contact the Cowell Student Health Center Health Promotion Program at 723-0821.



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