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Stanford wins award for commute programs

STANFORD -- Stanford University has been named one of the "100 Best Employers for Bay Area Commuters" for 1993, as announced March 23 by RIDES for Bay Area Commuters.

RIDES lauded the prize-winning employers for having "developed impressive transportation programs for their staff - with information, services and incentives for employees who leave their single-occupant cars at home. These programs are crucial to helping solve the Bay Area's transportation and air-quality problems."

Stanford was given special recognition as having one of the top 35 programs among large employers in all 10 Bay Area counties.

According to RIDES, Stanford recognizes that "the business of promoting commute alternatives is good business. It's the bottom line for all of us - with cleaner air, smoother-flowing traffic, and less commute- induced stress. When employees don't drive alone, everyone benefits: employers save money on parking expenses and have better public relations and recruitment tools; employees save money and time commuting; and we all enjoy cleaner air, less noise and congestion, and decreased dependence on fossil fuels."

A private, non-profit organization, RIDES provides assistance to commuters and employers, and helps relieve traffic congestion and air pollution throughout the 10-county region. RIDES receives its principal funding from the Federal Highway Administration, the California Department of Transportation, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Stanford's Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program provides alternative transportation options for the Stanford community, mitigates the potential impacts of Stanford growth and is designed to reduce regional traffic congestion and campus parking demand.

The university's General Use Permit requires that increases in daytime population be matched one-for-one by a combination of new housing units for faculty, staff and students and increased TDM participation.

Official counts are made each October for annual reports to Santa Clara County. From December 1987 to October 1992, daily participation in most alternative commute options has increased:

System Oct. 1992 Increase (decrease) since Dec. 1987

Transit/Marguerite riders 385 146

Buspool riders 12 (-12)

Carpool passengers 303 165

Vanpool passengers 35 35

Bicycle commuters 986 167

Pedestrian commuters 210 (-25)

Total vehicle trips "saved" 1,931 476

(Overall TDM increases to date are ahead of population growth.)



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