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Projectors, VCRs to become permanent classroom fixtures

STANFORD -- Stanford faculty - whose departments have had to pay for delivery of slide projectors and VCRs - soon will be clicking and fast-forwarding for free.

Using funds earmarked for classroom improvement, the university has decided to equip all major classrooms on campus with permanent audiovisual equipment, eliminating the need to pay for repeat delivery of the items by Events and Services.

"Everybody's enthusiastic about the idea, including Events and Services," said Acting Registrar Jack Farrell, who oversees classroom improvements on campus. "This way, instructors can just walk into the room, turn on the equipment and get going."

The Registrar's Office will begin this year by placing equipment in 18 classrooms at History Corner and some of the larger lecture halls on campus. The ultimate goal is to equip all 145 registrar-scheduled classrooms, at an average cost of $6,000 each.

Standard equipment in each room will include an overhead transparency projector (already in most of the classrooms), slide projector, video cassette recorder, and television set or video projector. Some large classrooms also may have computers and computer-screen projectors.

All the equipment will be bolted down with security devices to prevent theft, and operating instructions will be provided. Events and Services will continue to handle maintenance and repair requests.

Use of the new audiovisual equipment will be free for regular classes; Events and Services will charge fees for their operation during summer conferences, club meetings and other non- class-related activities to defray maintanence costs.

More information may be obtained from the Classroom Support Section of the Registrar's Office, 725-1884.


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