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Mexico's chief negotiator to discuss trade agreement issues Dec. 4

STANFORD -- Herminio Blanco Mendoza, Mexico's chief negotiator for the North American free trade agreement, will discuss the historic negotiations at noon Friday, Dec. 4, at the Stanford Business School's Bishop Auditorium.

Blanco, who holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago, was selected by Mexican President Salinas to head that nation's team in trade talks with the United States and Canada. Blanco assumed the trade post in 1990, after two years as undersecretary of foreign trade in the Salinas administration.

The United States and Mexico are involved in a series of negotiations that could eliminate tariffs and remove most trade barriers between the two nations. The United States reached a similar pact with Canada in 1988. The agreement now being negotiated with Mexico could create a free trade zone embracing all of North America.

Blanco served as a visiting professor in the master's program at Mexico's Technological Institute in 1988 and was an economics professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas, from 1980 to 1985.



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