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Daily poll shows most Stanford students support Clinton

Seventy-one percent of Stanford students surveyed favor Democratic nominee Bill Clinton in this year's presidential race, according to an Oct. 12-13 poll by the Stanford Daily student newspaper.

President Bush was favored by 11 percent of the respondents, while independent candidate Ross Perot was backed by 5 percent.

The remainder were undecided.

The Daily poll was based on telephone interviews with 419 registered Stanford students who are registered voters. The respondents were chosen from a list supplied by the Registrar's Office of 1,380 randomly selected students. (The margin of error was plus or minus 5 percent.)

In general, the majority of Stanford students surveyed consider themselves more liberal and more concerned about educational issues, but less informed about the presidential campaign than the average American voter.

Thirty-six percent of the students polled said they have liberal views on political matters (compared to 22 percent of voters nationwide). Fifty-two percent said they were moderate, and 11 percent conservative (compared to 32 percent nationwide).

Forty percent of the Stanford students questioned cited the economy as their greatest concern, followed by educational issues, the deficit, domestic policy, abortion, health care and the environment.

The Daily poll also showed strong student support for California's Democratic Senate candidates.

Fifty-two percent of those eligible to vote in California said they support Barbara Boxer for the U.S. Senate, compared to 9 percent for Republican Bruce Herschensohn. Fifty-one percent support Diane Feinstein, compared to 13 percent for John Seymour.

More than 30 percent of the students polled said they were not sure how they were going to vote in either Senate race. Sixty percent said they were undecided on the race between Tom Huening and Anna Eshoo for the 14th District congressional seat.


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