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Open letter from Gerhard Casper to Stanford community:

Dear campus colleagues:

I now have been officially on the job for a full week, and it has been a pleasure to have been so warmly welcomed by faculty members, staff members and even a few early arriving students. As the quarter unfolds, I look forward to meeting many more of you and learning your views.

In the months since my appointment as president of Stanford, I have given considerable thought to the university's administrative structure. The accompanying article provides the details of a simplified structure that reflects my personal style, as well as the advice of the faculty, staff and trustees. It also seeks to contribute to stabilization throughout the university. The most directly affected staff members already have been told about the changes in their units. I hope the details provided here answer any questions that may have arisen over the last few weeks.

The beginning of a new academic year at Stanford is an exciting time for me and, I trust, you. I look forward to our working together to accomplish great things for Stanford.


Gerhard Casper


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